Having a virtual office in Indigo Heights would improve your global presence, increase your productivity, magnify your company’s image and you can easily enhance your business activities no matter how far away you’re from your business or office!

A virtual office facilitates work environment equipped with telecommunication links and basic office furniture, but with no fixed office space.

If you are a corporate giant’s executive level officer needing a short-term office space for a specific project or you’re head of SME to conduct meetings direly important for your business. Indigo’s Virtual Office option will help you do hassle-free business operations.

Why Virtual Office at Indigo Heights?

  • Fully Trained and Professional Receptionist to Handle Your Calls and Messages
  • Premium Business Address Option
  • Professional Support Team for HR, Administration, and IT
  • Equipped with meeting, web conferencing and communication facilities via seamless corporate level fiber optic internet connectivity
  • Telecommuting save both time and effort and results in increased productivity
  • No Office Maintenance
  • Cost Effective Solution

Virtual offices has increased the horizon of opportunities much further, that is why it is now widely used engage global workforce more efficiently. More companies and high-end businessmen are implementing virtual office solution into their operations.