State of the Art Construction

State of The Art Construction

Latest heavyweight and lightweight construction machinery are being used for at the site. Excavators, Backhoe, Bulldozers, Tower Crane, Crawler and Vehicle Mounted Cranes are doing all excavation and construction work 24 hours in 3 shifts to complete the project according to scheduled completion before December 31, 2018.

Our qualified electrical, civil and mechanical engineers are supervising all the construction activities to ensure the quality of work exactly conform to international standards of construction quality by using GPS systems, laser technology, and high tech electronic gadgets. Highest quality is maintained by selecting ultra-high-grade building materials like cement, sand, steel and piping and electrical and sanitary fittings.

Safety & Security of Work Force at the Construction Site

We value our construction workforce from laborers to engineers, all the safety measures and regulation are strictly followed as laid down by provincial building and labor power departments. Machine operators, mechanics and technicians use safety helmets, gloves, and belts where needed.

With 22 floors, Indigo Heights will be a unique high rise building in Gulberg, for this project we have implemented ISO 9001 quality standards, as well.