Real Estate Market & Current Political State

The real estate market plays an important role in GDP growth and financial stability of the country. Experienced investors after verifying realistic market values and quality features of both residential and commercial properties compile real estate market value at top locations that provide Golden Opportunity for the investment with no risk.

As a real estate expert having experience of 25 years, I strongly believe that current government would complete its tenure and expect stability to prevail until new election are held. Any new event of unrest for example protest rallies turning into sit-ins, subversive activities by the fundamental organization, or border situation worsens by irresponsible neighbors might create a negative environment for real estate market for a short term. However, in the long term, I see a boom in real estate of Pakistan in general and Lahore in particular.

Taking into account first scenario that country enjoys political stability and elections are held smoothly and positively does not mean that real estate market would gain as there are factors of uncertainty and political chaos could lead towards properties values downfall.  Historical analysis has proved that in last 30 years’ investments in Luxury Apartments pays highest returns when compared with other types of investments in Pakistan.

Downtown Gulberg Real Estate is Centrally Located with No Risks at All & Assure High Returns

Usual perception is that real estate investment is a high risk; the risk is subject to Location and Possession.  A mixed-use high rise project that offers both residential and commercial investment opportunities and is centrally located in the Gulberg provide Smart Investors an ideal opportunity to gain Maximum Returns on their Investment.

Because properties in Gulberg whether residential or commercial are always in high demand and market value of properties in Downtown Gulberg increases 25 to 35% on an annual basis.

Smart Investors carefully evaluate historical analysis of realistic market values of properties where they prefer to invest. When real estate demand is too high, suburban housing projects try to catch investors with catchy claims, later when the boom is over, investors find it hard to sell those properties. On the contrary, selecting commercial or residential properties in developed areas like Gulberg Downtown where properties have decent and consistent upward trend irrespective of political or economic chaos.

Smart Real Estate Investors Approach:

Real estate investors who own only files but not the possession of plot might face prices coming down sharply.  The best strategy to protect their investment is to liquidate such investments and shift their focus on buying properties in downtown Gulberg. Buying commercial real estates like commercial shops at a prime location in Gulberg close to MM Alam Road and Hussain Chowk could prove to be wise decision that protects their investment and guarantee highest returns because of the following

  • Excellent Rental Income Property
  • Luxury apartments price has gone up to 130% in last six years alone, according to Pakistan Economic Survey Report 2016
  • Investment in Downtown Gulberg properties is the best way to tackle Inflation as these properties market value escalates 25 to 35 % annually

Investment in mixed-use real estate projects, for example, buying a boutique or fully serviced apartment or commercial shops in central Gulberg, can generate returns which outperform other investment like the money market, the stock market, mutual funds and the bonds market.

Due to trade deficit rising fuel prices and slower exports and worsening circular debt Pak Rupees is losing value against the dollar, and Pakistan might turn to IMF for loans the organization might take a strong stance on increasing existing Tax rates on sale and purchase of real estate. There are strong chances of imposing New Taxes on real estate investment. If this happens Investors who own only files but not the possession of the property, would be major losers. The real estate investors having investments in Downtown Gulberg Properties won’t face such risks due to strong demand and prime location.


By : Col (r) Ahmad Fazeel Khan

Pakistan’s Dilemma – Government Not Doing Enough to Win Investors Trust

According to a recent news item by Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) published in most prestigious daily that Pakistani National has emerged as third biggest investor in real estate sector of Dubai with investment touch AED 7 Billion, showing that Pakistani have less confidence in investing back home due to undue taxes imposed on property transactions, complicated evaluation process.

GOP should be thinking hard to create a congenial and healthy investment climate back home to win the trust of own citizens as well as expatriate Pakistanis.

Pakistan Government should be thinking hard that what is the main reason behind this trust gap when investing in Pakistan real estate where recent game changer China Pakistan Economic Corridor changing the destiny of Pakistan’s future course economic progress and stability.

Pakistani government should be liberating real estate sector from bureaucratic red tape and reform the whole sector to build confidence in both Pakistani and International investors to invest more in here, as Pakistan real estate growth is very promising .

With the recent verdict by the full Judiciary that Pakistani Premier is a no exception when it comes to curbing corruption setting the most influential example that no can escape and have to give details of big amounts of money about its legitimate sourcing.

A free and fair trial by the Supreme Court of Pakistan against the working Prime Minister and stripping his premiership, party president ship and declaring him ineligible for life. NAB has agreed to investigate corruption charges  with all liberty they need to perform investigation without any pressures. The Recent trial is a typical example  that no one is at large to do the corruption and not been investigated ill gotten money.

Fair and true justice has established roots in Pakistan’s Judicial system is a good omen for real estate sector too.

Indigo Developers Starts A New Residential Project – Indigo Apartments

The remarkable success of Indigo Heights luxury apartments and commercial shops is proof that how much people of Lahore has appreciated the project. More than 90% of luxury apartments and commercial shops have been sold out, and the only limited stock is available for sale both for apartments and commercial shops. Real estate investors who invested initially has witnessed the fact about the claim of getting highest returns was a reality, and also the location of the project is hottest in town as the annual escalation rate is more than 30% is a reality.
Keeping in view the success of Indigo Heights, Indigo Developers has initiated another apartments only project again in Gulberg downtown close to Ferozepur Road. The new project would solely for residential purposes and would have approximately 57 residential units comprising of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and villas on the ground floor.
Indigo Apartments would be equipped with state of the art amenities that would include roof top swimming pool, mini theatre. A roof top restaurant would be a unique feature of Indigo Apartment owners. Indigo Apartments would consist of 8 floors including one basement for residents cars parking. Another salient feature of Indigo Apartments would be that every apartment would have separate servant quarter.
Indigo Apartments would be seismic resistant and have surface and basement level parking space. A modern Conference Room, Business Center and a Cafe would also be there to facilitate inmates needs. Indigo Developers expect the same interest by the people of Lahore as they’ve shown in the Indigo Heights.

Latest Construction Update – Indigo Heights

Gulberg is Lahore’s hottest financial, trading, businesses, and trading hub despite it tree line roads and quiet streets offering peace of mind for the dwellers and is no. one choice to build multi-storied high rise structures. It is also one of Lahore’s most sought-after shopping centers, plazas, entertainment hot spots and public parks.

Since luxury apartment at  Indigo Heights in the heart of Gulberg and next to DHA and Cavalry Grounds, this place is ideal for keeping a social and professional life nearby.

We at Indigo Heights believe that when constructing s, we trust our skilled workers from engineers to supervisors  and quality assurance are professionally competent and guarantee every single step of the construction stage according to strict quality standards.

Construction Progress in Glance

Sept’ 2016:                         Excavation Begins

Oct’ 2016:                            Raft Foundation Begins

Nov’ 2016:                           Basement 3 Slab Starts

Dec’ 2016:                            Basement 2 Slab Starts

Jan’ 2017:                            Basement 1 Slab Starts

Feb’ 2017:                            Raft Foundation Completes

Mar’ 2017:                           Basement 3 Completes

April’ 2017:                         Basement 2 Completes

May’ 2017:                          Ground Floor Slab Completes

Construction is progressing 24-hours a day at a full pace meeting all the deadlines. At the same time our civil and structure engineer, verifying that construction is according to international standards and local building authorities.

Pakistan Conducive and Investment Friendly Environment Attracts Investors

PM Nawaz Sharif has announced publicly that during his remaining tenure Government would try its best to finish mega infrastructure projects highlighting the construction of Motorways would remain at the highest priority.

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), an international development bank headed by China, has agreed to provide a loan of $10 billion to $15 billion a year for the first 5 or 6 years.

Asian Development Bank (ADB)has recently announced to provide $325 million in the loan agreement with Pakistan on 7 February 2017 to boost Pakistan’s energy security by installing clean energy sources and improve people’s reach to electricity in KP & Punjab. Load would be used as following;

1- 1,000 micro-hydropower plants would be constructed

2- To set up Solar plants for 23,000 schools and over 2,500 primary healthcare facilities.

3- $750,000 technical assistance loan for capacity development and improvement of performance

According to ADB energy scarcity is the biggest challenge towards uplifting infrastructure development and to reduce poverty and 57% population in rural areas has access to electricity

Pakistan is in need of massive investments in the transport sector, energy and education sector, health and industry development, real estate and construction development programs because investment in all areas would ensure sustainability of growth rate. Pakistan is moving towards a more liberal society with free press and media, a speedier implementation of National Action Plan are triggering international investments from leading organizations around the globe.

Construction of housing and commercial properties is also a key factor towards increasing growth rate of Pakistan. Commercial real estate investment lucrative ROI in medium to long terms.

Best Opportunity for Investors | Secured & Highest ROI | Indigo Heights

Super luxury 1-bed and 2-bed elegant apartments are ideal for sophisticated investors who desire comfort, luxurious facilities coupled with all the integrated high-speed internet, dedicated lifts and private reception lobby, concierge services and dedicated valet parking.  24/7 Foolproof security and uninterrupted power.

Downtown Gulberg’s Crown Jewel – The Indigo Heights Prime Location

Gulberg is Lahore’s fastest growing area. It is also one of Lahore’s largest home to many high rises.  Noor Jahan Road you’ll find Lahore’s famous shopping center like Liberty Market, world-class dining, and vibrant nightlife. From Siddiq Trade Center to the Center Point and from Hussain Chowk straight to Jail Road you’ll find busy streets, public parks, boutiques and trendy restaurants. Luxury apartments at Indigo Heights are also home to the gallery, design and apparel district, featuring the Merchandise Mart all centrally air-conditioned shopping mall. Since Indigo Heights’ luxury apartments are in the heart of Gulberg and next to DHA and Cavalry Grounds, this area is ideal for keeping a social and professional life nearby.

Investing in Indigo Heights means higher returns, easy sale and purchase of a luxury apartment and retail shops as Indigo Heights Management would be in the same building to control and monitor building facility management system and customer services for apartment and commercial shop owners. Also, virtual office at Indigo Heights would be a big plus to have a premiere business address with a virtual receptionists and concierge services.

Plight of Infrastructure and Economic Progress of Pakistan

Development of Infrastructure both at the micro and macro level plays a vital role towards the socio-economic progress of any country. Pakistan’s fragile economy and multi-faceted peace and security problems are a primary cause concern. Large-scale infrastructure development is direly needed to let Pakistan become an independent nation. Pakistan needs a comprehensive rethink on developing its infrastructure. According to estimates road infrastructure had suffered an enormous loss of $1500 million alone by NATO tankers while waging war against Afghanistan back in 2011.

Railroad network and roads connecting villages to cities, electricity, clean water, sanitation services, telephone, transport means, internet access and availability fossil fuels to countryside population.

Revival of Pakistan’s Economy against all Odds

For many Pakistan’s reputation in outside world does not a have positive outlook. It is clearly revealed by googling ‘Pakistan’ and search results show only security threats or a new bomb blast by terrorists and more recently, expressing concerns why Pakistan was not included in the executive order for banning several Muslim majority countries from entering into U.S. travel ban by President Donald Trump’s Executive Order. The latest favorability poll in America Pakistan stood at #136 out of 144 nations from around the globe. By one estimate, Since 2003 more than 59,500 innocent Pakistanis have lost their lives in violence and bomb blast by several terrorist groups mainly Taliban from Afghanistan, TTP, radical organization supportive of Islamic State theologies. But growing middle class is bolstering economic growth and strengthening a fragile democracy.

Unprecedented Growth of Capital Market

The fact is that due to Pakistan’s conducive environment, fair trade and business policies Pakistan Capital Market have risen more than 45% in last year only. Recognizing the fact, Morgan Stanley Composite Index would soon include Pakistan Stock market among its list of Asia’s Best Emerging Market showing a greater degree of confidence in Pakistan’s Economy.

GDP Growth of Pakistan

The gross-domestic-product growth rate was 4.03% in 2015 and increased to 4.24% showing a positive growth rate against all the odds. Global financial experts like IMF, World Bank, and Asian Development Bank are approximating GDP growth rate close to 5% for the current fiscal year. Clearly depicting that Pakistan has improved its infrastructure in water, power, communication and industrialization, creating more jobs hence economy is accelerating, giving hopes to further improvement due to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project anticipated to the size of $55 Billion.

Poverty Rate Declined to Half

Since 2002, the rate of poverty has almost dropped to half according to leading financial institutions, and Pakistan economy is progressing at around 5% growth rate.

Controlled Inflation | Stable Foreign Exchange Reserves

State Bank of Pakistan fiscal measures has effectively controlled the inflation due to its carefully planned policies. The depleting foreign reserves have now stopped, and now reserves are improving. The debt-to-Gross Domestics Product ratio is high at more than 60 percent, but the country economy does not require any IMF program aid. Insha’Allah very soon Pakistan would establish its reputation among world’s most dynamic and investment friendly economies.

Recently IMF has declared Pakistan economy out of the red zone. Pakistan Government has taken positive steps by improving good governance, strengthening institutions and measures to implement the rule of law and a free and independent judicial system.

Pakistan’s government prudent economic management has now attracted more aid and loans from Asian Development Bank & World Bank.

Commercial Real Estate investment in Pakistan offers best returns for medium to long term. Indigo Heights is the best project for real estate investment. That offers luxury apartments and commercial shops for sale on installments in Lahore.

The Impact of Income Tax Ordinance-2001 & Finance Act 2016


Finally Tax on Builders & Developers

According  to a leading international firm having offices in UK and Pakistan and included in the Legal500, the firm analyzed tax on builders and developers as

Referring to Section 7C, 7D, 113B, & Division VIIIA & VIIIB of Part 1 of First Schedule, It is proposed that a fixed tag tax regime should be introduced for builders and developers, further explaining that builders tax liability would be gauged on covered area under development.

The government of Pakistan now apparently looks firm to bring developers and builders under the tax regime finally. Back in 2013, The Government of Pakistan did introduce a tax on builders and developers but required procedures, how to levy and receive the said tax were remain unclear. The implementation of this minimum tax could not be enforced due to unknown reasons, and later in the year 2015, the tax on builders and developers was suspended. The Government of Pakistan decided that companies or persons involved in construction engineering, building, and development works would remain tax exempted till the year 2018 due to the suspension of tax on them. Now the Government of Pakistan has finalized that a taxation is applied only to those projects which were started after the 1st July 2016.

The impact of this amendment proved to be a huge hurdle in Pakistani Builders and Developers community, more than 80% totaling to almost 16000 figure were forced to halt their construction projects in real estate building and development sector.

In last 5 years, the real estate market has witnessed many strides where many things were in the limbo. The current accelerated growth rate of urbanization gave steady demand for housing projects, high-rise buildings for proper accommodation needs.

Real estate market in Pakistan is facing continued pessimism in various housing projects, but high-rises projects were the only exception, and still high-rise building demand is high due to the mixed use of high rise buildings in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. But the project location in upscale areas and strategically important business and trading hubs are still in very much demand. Sophisticated areas like Gulberg III, Noor Jehan Road, MM Alam Road and Ahmad Kasoori Road and Main Boulevard Gulberg are seeing multiple high-rise projects.

Indigo Heights, at 3 C3 Noor Jehan Road, Gulberg III is a 22-Story mixed-use project having duly verified approval from LDA and all other concerned department and work is progress fast to erect RCC base frame structure. The location is just few step away from Liberty Market, Hussain Chowk, and MM Alam Road.

A state of the art Shopping Mall is having 5 floors and 94 shops of various sizes, more than 54 luxury one bed and two bed fully serviced apartments would be an ideal project for investors seeking.

Keeping in view the importance of new high-rise projects, housing schemes, and luxury living needs Government of Pakistan should seriously review this tax on the builders and developers as real estate development is playing a vital role towards the economic progress of Pakistan. A lot of families are earning a decent living being connected to this sector.

A slump in real estate development and the building would automatically translate to lesser jobs and Pakistan at this critical stage cannot bear that where the economy is flourishing at decent 5% plus growth rate.

Pricewater House-Coopers Projects Optimistic Future of Pakistan in the year 2050

According to Daily Newspaper Dawn, Pakistan’s economy is currently ranked at 24th position. By the year 2030 Pakistan economy would surpass Poland and Nigeria and would become 20th biggest economy of the world.  By the year 2050 Pakistan economy would be placed a 16th largest economy in the world.

This economic progress in next almost three decades shows a very promising outlook for investment in Pakistan construction, development and real estate sectors and promises highest ROI. So investing in world-class luxury accommodations, like luxury apartments, penthouses, shopping malls, and housing schemes would be wise decision for yourself and the generations to come

This research based on Pricewater­­house­Coopers (PwC), a multinational professional services network based in London and regarded as top 4 auditors of the world.

The report further says that growth-friendly policies by respective governments of emerging markets would be the main reason to justify that.

Find an ideal opportunity for real estate investment at a prime location and buy luxury apartments, luxury penthouses and high-end commercial shops for sale in Gulberg, Lahore.

How interest rates affect real estate investment

Blog post ( Interest Rate)

According to a reliable resource, Governor State Bank of Pakistan Ashraf Wathra would hold a press conference on coming Saturday. The current rate of interest is 5.75, and any reduction or increase in basis points would directly affect bond’s yield.

To understand it easy manner if the interest rate is raised, bond’s dividend yield increase too and high net worth investors would opt it to gain reasonable ROI. But a decrease in interest rates would lower bonds dividend yield too making it less attractive for maximum returns. Thus investors would try to find some other resource for healthy returns, and real estate investment is, by all means,  a cool and secure option that also promises good returns on your investments.

When you have massive investments whether in capital market or real estate market, then everything matters. The Budget, Monetary Policy, Trade Policy,  Employment Data, Inflation Rate, Tax Collection and Tax Relief, etc. For an ordinary investor who has the money but does not have enough knowledge to interpret the outcome of a news item, a policy decision by the government, political alliances, and mergers, general law and order situation, industrial production, agricultural production.

Turn to Indigo Heights blog for all the latest news and their impact on real estate market by our property experts.

Over Regulation of Real Estate Sector Leads to More Reluctant Investments

Over Regulation Of Real Sector

According to a news story published in daily Express Tribune by Hassan Khawar on 23rd January 2017, the author has critically analyzed budgetary recommendations the year 2016. While reviewing tough regulations introduced in 2016 for real estate sector with the prior year, a notable downtrend was observed.