Prime Location

Indigo Heights Gulberg is located in the commercial and business hub of Lahore at confluence of MM Alam Road and Noor Jehan Road where you will find the best food and shopping outlets of the city.

This Strategic location of Indigo Heights attracts traffic of hundred and fifty thousand vehicles every day from all over the city. So whether you are a socialite who wants to live at the most happening place or a businessman who wants an ideal location to attract shoppers, Indigo Heights is the place to be.

Luxury Apartments & Commercial Shops at a Great Location

Location is the single most important factor that decides the value of your current property and its anticipated future growth. Indigo Heights distinct location simply outcompete others, a great location amidst Liberty Market and MM Alam Road the very amalgamation of traditional shops, top brands and exclusive chain of restaurants to satiate your fine dining and shopping urges.

Prime Location – Guarantees Higher Returns on Luxury Apartment & Commercial Shops for Sale

Indigo Heights, a majestically located real estate is being constructed at a full pace at 3 C3, Noor Jehan Road, Gulberg III, Lahore. Just a few steps away from Hussain Chowk , MM Alam Road and Main Boulevard Gulberg. Upon completion, Indigo Heights would be standing majestically right in the heart of business and shopping hotspots in Liberty Market and just next to world-class restaurants and top brand outlets at MM Alam road. Ideal for indulging your life with families, friends, and colleagues to shop, fun and dine out and have a quality leisure time.

Easy Access to Famous Hot Spots & Transport and Health-Care Facilities

Just 2 minutes’ walk from ever vibrant Liberty Market, you’re also just 500 meters away from Daewoo Inter-City Bus Terminal and Metro Bus Service and United Christian Hospital. Lahore Airport, railway station, Lahore Zoo, Race Course Park, Model Town Park, Sheikh Zayed Hospital are all easily accessible within 30 minutes’ drive.

Enjoy a cozy living experience, running your shop at a most fabulous location or maintain your business having hi-tech maintenance-free virtual offices all at one place- ‘The Indigo Heights’.

Key Points of Indigo Heights’s Prime Location

  • Ideal Location for Top Brand Outlets to Attract Customers
  • Located in Gulberg, the Commercial and Businesses hub of Lahore
  • 24/7 Public and Private Transport Facility
  • At Close Proximity of Liberty Market, MM Alam Road & Main Boulevard Gulberg
  • Quick Access to Daewoo Bus Terminal, Airport & Railway Station, and Metro Bus Service
  • Easy Commute to D.H.A., L.C.C.H.S., Cavalry Grounds, Ferozpur, Jail & Canal Roads
  • Estimated 150,000 vehicles pass by Indigo Heights’s Location Every Day
  • Great Location to Live for Shopaholics, Socialites, Food Lovers and Businessmen
  • Neighborhood includes Top Educational Institutes and Modern Health-Care Hospitals
  • Play & Fun areas for kids within Indigo Heights and in neighborhood