Indigo Heights a 22-story high rise have five commercial floors covering LG, Ground, 1st, 2nd & 3rd floor have retail outlets in small, medium and large sizes. The shops are perfect to start a new business with plenty of foot traffic and nearby intense competition, which goes ultimately for customers seeking ultimate quality with fair pricing.

Commercial Shops payment plan is very easy. Payment plan could further be tailor made according to specific needs of clients.

Commercial Payment Plan duration is 2-years as the project would be complete by Dec’31, 2018. Investors willing to invest in commercial always prefer paying in installments.

Price List of Indigo Heights Commercial Shops
No.Commercial FloorPrice per Sq Ft
1Lower Ground Floor Rs. 55000
22 Floor Shops (Lower Ground Floor + Ground Floor)Rs. 95,000
3Ground FloorRs. 110,000
4First FloorRs. 55,000
5Second FloorRs. 45,000
6Third FloorRs. 35,000
Note: Price of 712 sq ft shops on first, second and third floor are Rs. 50,000/sq ft, Rs. 40,000/sq ft and Rs. 35,000/sq ft respectively
Installment Plan for Indigo Heights Commercial Shops
Installment #Construction StagesPayment Percentage
1On Booking10%
2Digging start10%
3Start of Raft10%
4Start work on B310%
5Start work on B22%
6Start work on B12%
7Completion Raft2%
8Completion b 32%
9Completion b 22%
10Completion b 17%
11Ground Floor slab2%
121st floor slab2%
132nd floor slab2%
143rd floor slab7%
154th and 5th slab2%
16 to 22Subsequent 7 instalment on each 2 slabs14%
23Internal finishes2%
24External finishes2%
Note: Price and installment plan for all commercial shops are subject to change.