BMS is a centralized system that interlinks functionality of individual building equipment to function as a single integrated system. BMS is a microprocessor based “Intelligent” controller of various networks installed to monitor and control buildings technical systems and services such as lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, and hydraulics, escalators and lifts.

Our BMS is based on open communication protocol and is WEB enabled and can be accessed from anywhere in the world

  •   Security Services
  •   Public Address System
  •   Access Control
  •   CCTV
  •   Fire Control Systems
  •   Lifts, Escalators, and other Hydraulics
  •   Life and Safety systems
  •   Car Parking System
  •   Management of Solar Power and Standby Backup Power produced by Generators
  •   Integrated with Energy Management System (EMS) for custom control

Basic function of the BMS is the control of buildings, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC) including;

  •    Air Handling Units
  •    Chilled Water Plant
  •    Cooling Towers
  •    Tenant Condenser Water
  •    Heating Water Plant
  •    Exhaust Systems
  •    Zone Controls
  •    Computer Room AC
  •    Tenant Air Quality (CO2)

BMS help improves real-time tenant comfort conditions, energy management, and reduced operational costs. It’s flexible, easy to use and change, scalable, easy to implement customize event-based strategies.