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Fully Serviced Luxury Apartments | Much Better Option Than Luxury Homes

Most of the high net worth luxury lovers may opt out for luxury homes at a prime location depending on their choices and needs.

When you’re stuck between to buy a luxury home or an apartment choice then reading following point could help you out in finalizing what is the best option for you. Purchase a luxury apartment where no services or only a few services are provided, or buying a luxury apartment that is fully serviced and you just spend quality time with your family and friends and don’t have to worry about housekeeping stuff.

Especially if you’re a top executive and travel globally then staying in luxury apartments that are fully serviced is the right option. Or if you’re accompanying your family, wife or the one you love most and want to spend pleasureable time enjoying all the luxuries if you’re on vacations or a holiday trip in a beautiful city of Lahore then luxury apartment at Indigo Heights is your dream destination.  Fabulous interior designs, efficient use of spaces, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation are all automated using state of the facility management system and in a country like Pakistan where frequent power failures are common no matter is it a winter or a summer season, seamless 24/7 power is no less than a blessing.

Sort out your priorities from the list below

  1. What kind of peace, security, and services they require?
  2. What is your lifestyle?
  3. How much time is valuable for you to do housekeeping on your own?
  4. Does easy access matter to you most?
  5. Are you looking for an ideal place to balance their work and life?
  6. Are there nearby health and educational institutes?
  7. Is there any close by restaurants that offer both local and international cuisines?
  8. Is Parking is ample and does it offer valet option?
  9. Living in a downtown is a high priority?

If you value at least three pointers from the above list then consider fully serviced luxury apartments could be the best option for many obvious reasons which are;

Luxury Apartments Prime Location

Fully serviced luxury apartment at 3 C3, Noor Jehan Road, is the hottest address in the town for elegant living with 1 to 2-bedroom options in Gulberg III, Lahore.

A fully serviced luxury apartment offers housekeeping stuff and concierge services that feel like you’re living in luxury five-star hotel, enjoying a rooftop infinity pool exclusively for the luxury apartment owner owners and to their friends and guests.

If your business covers world markets including Pakistan, then your next stay in Indigo Height fully serviced luxury apartment could be unforgettable. MM Alam Road chain of branded stores, local and international restaurants is there for your dining out experiences with family and friends.  All the food hot spots are just a minute’s drive away and if you love to walk, then a three-minute walk in wonderful evenings and exotic nights leads you to McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut and Freddy’s for fast food experiences.

On the other hand if you buy a luxury home you could enjoy a lot of spaciousness but the liberty to remain free  cannot materialize as an array of servants needed to keep your home clean, have to have security guard and even then you cannot avert a planned dacoit  who could loot your hard earned money where a luxury apartment in Indigo Heights is the right choice where CCTV and restricted access prevents any burglary where you and your family remain safe and secure. Further to this Indigo Heights is earthquake resistant up to 9.5 magnitude shock on Richter scale. Nearby educational and health center facilities are all there to take care of your kid’s educational needs and family health care requirements.

Luxury Apartment Amenities


Indigo Heights in-house trending amenities has some attractive facilities to keep you entertained whole day, like Gym, Fitness Cents, Yoga studio, and SPA. You can enjoy local and international cuisines in spacious food courts with panoramic views of the city.

Indigo Heights Luxury Apartment Edge Over Luxury Homes and Hotel Apartments

Indigo Heights Luxury Apartment offers so many unique features to outcompete other. Serviced Luxury Apartments at Indigo Heights offers state of the modern art architecture with breathtaking looks make them an ultimate choice for living or as income properties. Our luxury Apartment can best accommodate your needs for permanent living or to use it as income property that you can offer to tourists who love to stay in an incredible high-rise with all modern facilities and ample parking with valet option could be your next high income generating real estate in the Gulberg’s heart.  Ideal for short- stays of top executives, tourists from around the world to explore rich traditional heritage while living Lahore’s hottest address and offer easy commuting facilities 24-hours.

So buying Luxury Apartment for sale on installments in Gulberg, Lahore would be the best decision and guarantees higher returns on your investment.

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